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1 April 2023

Let's learn to create and produce

Yerevan | Created: 3 November 2020, number: 140
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LET'S LEARN TO CREATE AND PRODUCE ARMENIAN ամս During the last month, not only our students have proved the strength and flexibility of their knowledge many times, but we have once again been convinced of the high efficiency of the program designed especially for our studio. And so. Maronian Fashion Studio announces admission in all departments, resumes classes for all groups. ‼ Learn to create and produce Armenian. ։ And let no one doubt that our Armenian products can compete with foreign brands. Can‼ Must և end մենք We are the creators‼ PS. At the same time, we will not stop sewing the necessary items for the front line. Sincerely, Maronyan #Armenia #madeinArmenia
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