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For Wedding Yerevan

Wedding Accessories
Delivery from Yerevan
7 September
Wedding Accessories
7 September

EU or USA partners will be able to purchase everything for a wedding at the best prices by studying the ads on the website, in which Armenian manufacturers and distributors offer a wide range of goods, without which it is impossible to conduct wedding ceremonies. Cooperation carried out within the framework of the B2B scheme makes it profitable to import products from Armenia, even taking into account the crossing of state borders. Direct interaction excludes from the costs the number of commissions of intermediaries, which significantly affects the price.

What products do Armenian suppliers offer?

Businessmen from EU or USA, whose business interest lies in organizing wedding events, will be able to buy everything for a wedding in bulk from trusted partners from Armenia, information and contact information about which are on the product page. In direct interaction, they will be able to discuss delivery schedules, conditions, payment methods, prices, batch sizes and other data relevant to the conclusion of the transaction. EU or USA clients will be able to order weddings:

● arches, racks;

● decor items;

● mini-bouquets and boutonnieres;

● textile accessories;

● printing industry.

Benefits of establishing partnerships on the site

A wide range of products from different manufacturers that offer EU or USA partners to buy everything they need for a wedding includes a variety of high-quality goods. They are certified and guaranteed. The low cost is provided by the advantages of direct cooperation and opens up wide opportunities for increasing the profitability of business projects. The number of offers placed on the site is constantly growing. Website technical support around the clock ensures its uninterrupted use.