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To buy household chemicals in bulk from the manufacturer makes it possible to study ads on the website EU or USA clients can find here reliable wholesale suppliers from the Republic of Armenia offering a wide range of similar products. B2B cooperation makes the import of products from the manufacturer profitable even taking into account their movement across the customs borders of the state. Manufacturers guarantee low prices and decent quality of their products, which are certified and have the appropriate documents.

What household chemicals can be imported

Partners from the EU or USA will be able to purchase the products of the best Armenian enterprises in large and small wholesale depending on the needs of their business. The proposals of the Armenian suppliers of household chemicals include, among other things, means for:

● washing dishes;

● washing;

● washing mirrors and glasses;

● cleaning of wooden surfaces;

● cleaning carpets and carpets;

● neutralization of human waste products.

Household chemical manufacturers offer a wide range of vials, bottles, caps and packaging.

Direct interaction - the benefits of cooperation

On the website, representatives of business partners from EU or USA will be able to establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with Armenian manufacturers and buy chemicals on favorable terms. The product pages of the resource contain complete and reliable information about the manufacturers, conditions and terms of delivery of professional household chemicals and products used at home. Wholesale is carried out in lots of different sizes, the sizes of which can be negotiated with the supplier using his contacts on the product page.