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The service offers a large selection of bakery products and bread of Armenian producers. Products made according to original recipes include only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. Using advertisements on the site, potential business partners from EU or USA will be able to select and order baked goods in bulk in any batch. Manufacturers from Armenia implement B2B cooperation, which makes the cost of goods for EU or USA customers profitable even taking into account the crossing of state borders by products.

What can be found on the resource

Import of baked goods from the Republic of Armenia is an excellent opportunity for EU or USA to fill the shelves of their stores and the menus of restaurant business establishments. On the pages of the site, you can buy bread and pastries of many varieties, choosing them from the offers at the best price. The buyers are offered, among other things:

● gata with different types of fillings;

● matnakash;

● lavash;

● zhengyalov hats;

● lamajo;

● kutabs;

● kyata;

● baklava.

Any of these grocery products can be ordered by reviewing the terms and conditions of delivery on

Buying Armenian bakery products - benefits

Buying pastries and bread products on the site is a rational choice. Direct deliveries from the manufacturer will allow you to profitably implement your projects in the restaurant business or in the trade of bakery products. Companies from the EU or USA can directly interact with manufacturers of such products or distributors. Their details are presented on the product page. The range of products presented and the number of online stores on the service is increasing daily. The support team will resolve communication issues if difficulties arise.