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EU or USA business partners will be able to obtain legal support for business, provided by specialists from the Republic of Armenia, using the offers contained in the advertisements on the website.

What services do Armenian professionals offer

EU or USA clients will be able to save their money by using the assistance of legal experts from Armenia. Having extensive experience in the preparation of documentation, support of transactions, consulting in matters of economic activity, including international, they will perform the work at a competitive price. The services of a lawyer can be provided, including for:

● selection of the customs regime;

● confirmation of force majeure;

● drafting and examination of contracts and agreements.

● It is also possible to obtain legal advice for foreign economic activity.

Profitable cooperation with specialists

At a low cost, businessmen from the EU or USA will be able to receive a full range of legal services aimed at optimizing business in all areas. Interaction is carried out directly through the B2B scheme, which contributes to the creation of strong business relationships. In addition to support in financial and economic activities, you can get the support of a highly qualified lawyer, whose contact details are posted on the page with offers. Their number on the site is constantly increasing.