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A diverse range of repair and construction services is offered on the website by specialists from the Republic of Armenia. Services are provided on a B2B basis, which provides clients from the EU or USA with favorable conditions for cooperation. Advertisements contain proposals for construction and repair, the cost of which is significantly different from most proposals on the market for similar services. This greatly expands the possibilities for increasing the profitability of the construction business. The authors of the proposals - specialists with extensive experience - guarantee the EU or USA partners a decent quality of work performed.

What is the essence of the proposals of Armenian specialists

Professionals from the Republic of Armenia offer services for the construction of houses and carrying out repair work within the agreed time frame and in compliance with the existing regulatory requirements in force on the territory of the state. Masters are ready to carry out operations of various cost and complexity. Among the works carried out by specialists from Armenia are complex and versatile turnkey repairs, carried out without the control and personal participation of the customer. You can also order repairs both in individual rooms of apartment buildings, and in:

● private buildings;

● commercial real estate;

● in warehouses and storage facilities.

Cooperation with professionals from Armenia - advantages

Competitive prices for repair and construction work are not the only advantages, because of which it is worth using the services of Armenian specialists. Among the advantages is the possibility of direct interaction between the customer and the contractor, additional coordination of the cost of individual works, for example, finishing or installing doors. Compliance with contractual deadlines and high-quality operations are also among the arguments in favor of cooperation with professionals from Armenia. Inexpensive renovation of structures and construction of new objects can be discussed using the contact information on the page with the service.