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Specialists from the Republic of Armenia offer partners in the EU or USA B2B marketing services in relation to core and promising areas of commercial activity. Research angles and strategies proposed based on their results can be applied both to traditional types of business and to Internet marketing. The contractors carry out complex work, as well as investigate the commercial activities of clients on aspects of interest to them. Armenian firms offering marketing services have decent portfolios of successfully implemented projects that have contributed to the growth of customers' income.

Marketing services: variety of alternatives

The successful promotion and development of commerce is determined by the optimal management of the process of interaction between the seller and the buyer of goods. This is where marketers use effective advertising services to help customers. You can find out about the offers of performers in this field of activity by looking at advertisements for services on the national aggregator Areas of work may include:

● research of demand;

● sales promotion;

● analysis of price policy;

● setting up advertising;

● placement of goods at points of sale;

● management of goods movement;

● after-sales interaction with customers.

Benefits of cooperation

Professional marketers and PR specialists act within the scope of a range of questions outlined by the client in order to achieve the expected results in the areas. Performers can also offer the development of outdoor advertising. The basis for cooperation is a problem or task that the customer sees in the business and wants to eliminate or solve. Manufacturing promotional items helps in creating the desired image of the company in the eyes of consumers. Solving the problem of converting visitors to a wholesale warehouse, store or website into buyers facilitates the placement of the proposed contextual advertising.