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Commercial organizations of the Republic of Armenia offer companies-residents of the EU or USA participation in the B2B scheme of cooperation and partnership in business in various areas and fields of activity. The interaction formats can be different in accordance with the vectors of interests of the business parties. They may include the export and import of goods with different levels of innovation, as well as profitable investments in production, trade, development, and infrastructure.

Platform for interaction: potential

Online platform for finding clients for business structures from EU or USA and Armenia - aggregator. The Internet site was created so that in response to the posted ads "Looking for an Investor", the answers were not long in coming. Spheres in demand for mutually beneficial cooperation:

● production;

● services;

● finance;

● wholesale sale;

● marketing;

● cooperation;

● equity participation;

● transport logistics;

● direct investment;

● real estate.

The number of potentially profitable points for joint commercial initiatives aimed at long-term regular income generation is much larger and their number is increasing.

Aspects of filling cooperation

The basis for establishing interaction is the presence of tasks or problems in business, the solution or elimination of which is sought by a potential partner from EU or USA or Armenia. A rational basis for initial contacts and subsequent business partnerships will be the preparation of a realistic business plan by the investor seeking party in advance. In view of the significant differences in the legislation of the two countries, it is important that investment is attracted with professional legal support in all contextual areas of commercial law.

Openness and responsibility: interaction is ensured

The site provides opportunities so that interested parties in the process can quickly find partners. The requests placed on the resource refer to the areas of traditional and Internet marketing, where many companies from EU or USA and Armenia transfer their core activities. Companies - potential partners of joint projects and legal entities wishing to buy a share in the business, can be sure that trusted firms place ads on the virtual pages of the aggregator. At the same time, the responsibility for the validity of the decision where to invest money lies with both sides of the commercial tandem.