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To buy high quality water, packaged in bottles and produced in the Republic of Armenia, EU or USA consumers will be helped by acquaintance with the offers of the aggregator website. The resource presents a diverse range of similar products that manufacturers offer for import on a B2B basis. The competitive price of the goods will allow EU or USA partners to successfully implement their business projects in any area of business. Using the site's capabilities, you can establish mutually beneficial and strong business relationships.

Favorable offers on the resource

The purest mineral water in bottles, which is very popular not only in Armenia, but also abroad, can be purchased in large and small wholesale on favorable terms for EU or USA clients. On the pages of the site, they will be able to choose the most suitable terms of purchase, payment and delivery. The announcements contain proposals for the supply of bottled mineral and spring drinking water in containers of various sizes:

● "Bjni";

● "Garni";


● Tatni;

● "BON JUR".

To order, suppliers bring water in glass and plastic containers.

Benefits of direct cooperation with Armenian suppliers

Manufacturers offer for sale a variety of products that can satisfy various segments of the EU or USA consumer audience. EU or USA business partners will be able to purchase high-quality goods with a unique content of nutrients and trace elements, including water for coolers, on the most favorable terms for themselves. Product Description Pages contain contact details for manufacturers and their distributors, allowing direct business links. The site provides them with round-the-clock technical support.