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Carbonated drinks, including water, produced in Armenia, can be selected on the service. After reviewing the announcements on the website, customers from the EU or USA will be able to find business partners offering B2B delivery of products. The import of soda is carried out at competitive prices, which leaves a wide scope for the development of any business projects in the field of restaurant business or trade in EU or USA. The site presents a large selection of original high-quality drinks, which can be ordered and purchased on terms agreed with the manufacturers or their distributors.

Choice alternatives and interaction benefits

Consumers from EU or USA will be able to buy the goods they are interested in in large and small wholesale. The choice is possible from the varieties of water with gas presented on the site page, which can act as an independent drink or as a basis for cooking. Among them:

● Tatni;

● "Dilijan"

● "Sevan".

Carbonated water is certified, supplied in glass and plastic containers of various sizes. On the page of the site with the product, there is information about the manufacturer, terms of delivery and payment, delivery times, as well as contact information of the supplier.