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Offers to buy grain in bulk contain numerous advertisements of Armenian agricultural producers on Mutually beneficial cooperation is carried out according to the B2B scheme, which provides numerous advantages in importing imports for EU or USA partners. Environmentally friendly products of high quality have all the necessary permits and a competitive price, even taking into account the crossing of state borders. Interested companies from EU or USA can contact the manufacturer or distributor directly.

Offers, conditions and pros

Manufacturers offer for sale grain of various sorts, on which the cost of production depends. The supplier guarantees to EU or USA customers that they comply with the established standards for growing, storing and transporting their products. On the product page, you can find information about:

● manufacturer;

● region of cultivation;

● terms and conditions of grain delivery in bulk;

● the minimum purchase volume.

EU or USA business representatives will be able to contact the supplier directly using the contact information on the website.