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Orthopedic pillow

Delivery from Hrazdan | Created: 4 February 2021, number: 250
  • Company name: Օրթոպեդիկ ապրանքներ 
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 pcs.
  • Minimum order amount: 20 USD
  • Payment terms: Prepayment 
  • Payment method: Bank transfer, Money transfer system, Other 
A sound and healthy sleep is by no means a luxury, but a natural need for the human body. For proper sleep, first of all, you need a calm and relaxed state. And also - the right pillow. Such as a pillow "Healthy sleep" filled with buckwheat husk. For a full healthy sleep, first of all, you need a calm and relaxed state. For a full healthy sleep, first of all, you need a calm and relaxed state. Characteristics A buckwheat husk pillow is able to take the anatomical shape of a person's head and neck. Due to this, the cervical vertebrae are in a natural position, and the neck muscles relax and rest. One of the causes of snoring and migraines disappears. Buckwheat has many beneficial properties that no other filler can match. Each grain is a small pyramid, clean, whole and hollow inside. The husk is freely poured inside the pillow, taking the shape of the human body and keeping it throughout the night. The buckwheat husk pillow has orthopedic properties. The use of a pillow helps to prevent osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine. Shaping the body, the pillow promotes complete muscle relaxation and effective rest. Buckwheat husk has the ability to absorb excess moisture and maintains a constant temperature for a long time. Therefore, such products can be recommended for children and people with increased sweating. Micro-massage, which provides a mild effect on the body, and aromatherapy with buckwheat essential oils have a beneficial effect on health and sleep quality. Results of use The spine is corrected, the vessels supplying the brain are not pinched, and the blood circulates freely, supplying the brain with oxygen and nutrients. The airways are straightened, the upper palate does not sink, and the air passes unhindered. As a result, you breathe easily and freely. You will feel a beneficial energetic effect on your body: muscle activity, stabilization of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Buckwheat husk manufacturing technology undergoes multi-stage cleaning before filling the pillow. First of all, this is a unique technology for treating the pillow with steam from structured water. This is the most complicated technological process that gives the pillow special useful properties. For the production of pillowcases, a thick cotton fabric is used - teak. A braided edging is sewn along the edges of the pillowcase. In addition, the pillow has a hidden zipper that allows you to adjust the firmness of the pillow by controlling the amount of buckwheat husk. It is for these reasons that the Healthy Sleep pillow is durable, and over the years it becomes even more comfortable. Size: 60 x 40 cm Weight: not less than 2.4 kg Declaration of conformity Halal certificate
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