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Requirements for adding ads

1. The ad must be legal

Do not post offers that violate the legislation of the Republic of Armenia or the rights of third parties.
You can place ads only for those goods and services for which you have all the necessary rights, licenses, permits, etc.
Before placing an ad, you must ensure that all of its elements (including photos, videos, links to third-party sites, etc.) are legal. You will be liable for any violations of the law or the rights of third parties you have made.
2. The information in the ad must be true and complete
Placing in an ad any information that may be misleading about your product or the terms of your offer is a violation of the rules.
This also means that your ad must contain up-to-date contact information where you can be contacted.
If your proposal is required by law to contain any information, you are required to provide it.
You are solely responsible for publishing an ad that lacks mandatory information or contains false information.
3. The ad must match the categories
Place ads only for those products for which there is a thematic category on the portal. If you have not found a suitable category, then write about it to the portal support service.
It is not recommended to place several products in one ad.
If the ad contains several products corresponding to the same category, a price must be indicated for each product.
4. The proposal must be specific, existing and relevant
Post ads for a specific existing consumer value product.
If you place an ad for the sale of a product or a service, you must be ready to transfer the goods to the buyer or provide a service immediately after the buyer has contacted you, with the exception of placing goods on pre-order.
Do not post ads for the sale of goods through auction or bidding.
If you have sold a product or your offer has ceased to be relevant for other reasons, remove the ad from publication as soon as possible. Do not change the content of a previously published ad. Including, do not upload a photo of another product. For a new product, create a new ad.

5. There should be no other information on the product photos. 

It is forbidden to post photos with phone numbers, web addresses, contacts and any other information. There are corresponding fields for such information.

Remember that placing an ad may entail an obligation for you to a potential buyer to conclude and execute a transaction in accordance with civil law. 

Do not post general advertising information in your ads without a specific offer.