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How to add an advertisement in the "Looking for" section?

To add an advertisement to the site, login to your account. If you don't have one, register first.

In the window that opens, enter your email, password and click on the button «Login to the site»

Then click on the "+ Add an advert" button. 

In the window that opens: 

1. Enter a title for your advertisement. The headline should convey the essence of the product or service you are looking for. If you are looking for several types of products (for example, tea, honey and dried fruits), then for each type of product you need to add a separate ad. So your potential suppliers can easily find your every request. If you have added only one ad with the name «Tea», and the rest of the types are listed in the description, then suppliers that produce honey and dried fruits will not find your requests.

Important: Do not include the price and contact information in the title — there are separate fields for this.

2. Select the appropriate category

Important: The category cannot be changed after the announcement is published.

3. Place a dot under the «Looking for» type.

4. In the «Price» field, enter the approximate price at which you are ready to buy the item.

5. Select the currency you entered the price. Do not forget to indicate the currency of your price.

6. Fill in the required fields marked with *.

7. In the «Description» field, provide details about your request.

8. In the «Link to video» field, you can add one link to the video.

9. Add photos if available.

10. In the «City» field, enter the country and city in which you are located.

11. Specify a contact person for communication.

12. Indicate real phone numbers, with a code in international format. Also, be sure to indicate whether it is possible to contact you using the popular messengers Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype. Remember that your ads will be searched overseas and they must understand how to contact you.

13. In the Distributor or Manufacturer field, set the point in the desired location. Users need to know exactly who the author of the ad is.

14. Enter your contacts. The more ways of communication you specify, the easier it will be for manufacturers to contact you.

15. Click on the «Publish ad» button.

Congratulations, your advertisement has been sent for review. As soon as the moderator approves it, the ad will appear in the search. You can start adding the next advertisement.