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For whom was created the Sherman portal and why is it needed?

The iSheriman portal was created primarily to support manufacturers from the Republic of Armenia. Our goal is to enable all producers (both large and small and medium-sized) of goods and services from Armenia to enter international markets. Export is one of the most important tools for developing the country's economy, and therefore we consider it our duty to help in this development.

Thanks to the iSheriman portal, businessmen from all over the world will be able to find all information about goods produced in Armenia in one place and establish contacts with their manufacturers. And after the buyer (for example, from Europe) and the manufacturer from the Republic of Armenia agree on the delivery of a particular product, they will be able to find a logistics company on the portal that will help with customs clearance of all necessary documents and move all these goods to the destination.

The portal will also be useful for the development of the Republic's IT industry. After all, the portal will collect offers from the majority of companies in the IT sector of Armenia, which today play a serious role in the development of world-class software. IT companies of the Republic can find customers on the portal in the same way as manufacturers of goods.